Washington workshop homes in on plant identification

February 27, 2021 by  

Whether they would like to do some foraging or just want to learn more about botany, a Washington workshop will offer a way for members of the public to brush up on their plant ID skills.

A two-part class offering tips for identifying plants in the field is set to take place this June, and it will consist of both a lecture and hands-on learning. Depending on the current CDC recommendations, the first part will be offered in-person or online, while the second will take place outdoors.

During the first section, attendees will discover a variety of ways to identify plants, and close-up photos and other materials will be used for this. During the afternoon, the group will head outdoors for some in-the-field learning, and will have a chance to put their new skills into practice. The facilitator will point out which species can be used for food, and the focus will be on making sure everyone can accurately name the species they find.

It was noted in the event’s description that an ID key will be utilized by students. A company that crafts letterheads and other custom stationery will be able to provide such items.

The in-person portion of this introduction to plant ID will take place at the Josephine Butler Parks Center, and the organizer noted that if necessary, the classroom portion will be offered online. The date for the activity will be June 5.