Community service project to help Washington greenspace

December 22, 2020 by  

Washington’s Shepherd Parkway, which is a federally owned “green” corridor, is in need of a clean-up, and the public has been asked to roll up its sleeves for this local natural resource.

The site, which is approximately 197 acres in size, is home to a mixed forests that are predominantly hardwood. Over the years, fly tipping and invasive plants have taken their toll on it. A community service project will work to remove the junk and unwanted plants, and everyone’s help will be appreciated.

Ward 8 Woods will be hosting a clean-up day, with volunteers needed to clear away debris and remove invasive plants that are choking out native species. Volunteers are advised to wear sturdy boots and heavy pants, and gloves and bags will be supplied. Those who bring along a bottle will be able to use the provided water refills, and anyone who has questions about the activity has been asked to call 202-520-2742.

A project like this can help turn community members into stakeholders, and print shops will be able to take care of the paperwork required to keep it well organized. They can supply a variety of business documents, including letterheads, registration forms, and many others.

Ward 8 Conservancy has made plans to host its Shepherd Parkway Community Clean up on January 9. The work will begin at 10:30 am, and the volunteers are asked to meet up at 555 Newcomb Street Southeast.